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Welcome to Vision and Verse,

As a published poet, author, and amateur photographer, I have, these past two decades and more, been inspired by the constant need, to create words. This interaction with literature has also offered me an opportunity to be more creative, with the added spectrum of images, and diverse, artistic mediums. Creating the link between the visual, and words upon the page,
I trust my interpretation allows you, dear valued guest a step into my world of words.
Each image captures, but a fleeting glimpse, a memory, unique. As words, weave, intertwine, give breathe to life visually, I hope, your journey, weaves and intertwines, your steps. May each be taken lightly, allowing you, that interaction we may desire.
Thank you for your valued time, and an opportunity to assist you. I am now available for commissions, whatever the event, or occasion.
David Wilkie

Prices upon application, initial consultation where a deposit of £15 is required, on all orders. This will be deducted from full payment upon delivery.
* Postage, delivery, dependant on geographical location, charged at cost. If in person, this will incur a mileage charge of £0.65 per mile. Full invoice, receipt submitted on all purchases
* Mini canvas
* Without table top easel
* With table top easel, two types available
* A4 image with mount
* Without mount
* A3 image with mount
* Without mount
* Cards (handmade individual designs), depending on theme and number of verses.
* Please note images, prints can be supplied by customer or from stock; each one may be enhanced with unique words written on or about the subject or event.
* Portfolio available for your perusal (during consultation only), please contact for further details. * Discount available depending on order value and or repeat custom.
* Charities please submit synopsis and further details.
Contact mobile 07597 443 845
E mail visionandverse@googlemail.com


The dreams we dream
A journey taken
Dreams to be realised,
Vision and Verse, patiently awaits
Imagine your thoughts visualised

Each word poetically created,
And card hand crafted
For you.


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